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With a break in the weather this week it was time to test out some new toys for the season. With stillwater being the only viable option, I headed off to Trawsfynydd Resevoir to hopefully chase some hard fighting trout. I took along a couple of the new Abu Garcia Zazza Trout, a 12g wobbling spoon perfect for the job! These lures are part of Abu's stunning Svartzonker Signature Series and are perfect for shallow ground. With poor water clarity I opted for the Orange Gold colour and on my second cast into a small shallow bay, I hooked up with an angry blue trout. With quality

paintwork and strong treble hooks, these are just the tools for the job. We can't wait to introduce these to the sea trout and bass soon. We currently have 3 colours in stock at £11.99 each. Check em out on our web shop and tight lines! (Will)

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The shop will be closed from the 6th of September to the 14th September so we wont be able to post anything, please feel free to order if you dont mind waiting. Russell

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