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Let's Go Fishing!

New year, new start. Getting a proper website together has been a pipe dream for some time. With so much going on across the usual social media platforms but our online retail presence being confined to Ebay, we decided it was time to finally take the techno plunge!! So here we are....finally an online home with somewhere to shop and most shop. So out of the dark ages.....better late than never! We're adding more and more stock on here daily so please bear with us whilst we catch up so you lot can all start catching! .....But it's not all about sales, we want this place to be the answer for all your fishing needs; what, where, when & how.....we'll get it covered. We'll also keep you up to date on the hottest new shop arrivals and plenty of fishing reports across our region, whether you're a salt or freshwater junky. Keep your eyes peeled for some upcoming guest blogs too ;-) As ever if you need to get in touch, drop us a message on here, Facebook, email or good old fashioned dog and bone! Tight lines!

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The shop will be closed from the 6th of September to the 14th September so we wont be able to post anything, please feel free to order if you dont mind waiting. Russell


Going to be chaos Will.

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