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  • Length - 128mm
  • Weight - 18.5gm
  • Depth - 5cm - 30cm
  • Deadly must have bass lure
  • Super shallow action, perfect for shallow water
  • Catches fish feeding just below the surface
  • Natural head rolling action
  • Superb Finish
  • 3 x Decoy Y-S21 #3 hooks
  • Made in Japan

The Feed Shallow is a 'must have' lure which has gained cult status with many bass anglers due to its consistent ability to put fish on beach.
It is a high quality Japanese shallow diver which works at between 5cm and 30cm below the surface. The main action is a natural head-roll, which is different from the rolling action performed by most conventional shallow minnows. It is very effective when allowed to just work itself with either a slow steady retrieve or if you want to be more creative you can make it zig zag by using your rod in a walk the dog style.
The brighter colours can be very effective in coloured shallow water and the Feed Shallow can catch in conditions which at first appear less than conducive to lure fishing. At these times a slow retrieve will often produce the goods as the combination of the Feed Shallow's natural action and striking finish allow the fish to home in on it in even near zero visibility.


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