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2.13M / 7' / 7-28G 

2.29M / 7' 6" / 14-42G

2.44M / 8' / 15-56G

2.9M / 9' 6" / 28-84G




The STC Fast is a great addition to the popular S.T.C range. Easy to transport, the fast actions match those of modern lure rods and are available in Spinning and Baitcasting versions.
A great addition to the popular Shimano STC range, the STC Fast combines the modern look, action and feel of top lure fishing rods, with the convenience of a short pack length for easy transport. This is a rod you can take anywhere and opens up lots of fishing opportunities, from local inner city fishing to holidays abroad.
Available in 7 different models (5 x Spinning and 2 x Baitcasting), there is sure to be a model to suit your preference, from lightweight soft lure fishing, right through to casting large crankbaits on open waters or in-shore saltwater locations. All models pack down into a compact protective case for easy transport.

The special tapers and Nanosheet Carbon used in the design of the STC Fast provides all of the models with responsive fast actions. And as you would expect, they not only cast superbly, they also give your lures excellent life and action, especially when using softbaits.
Fitted with a contemporary split grip EVA Handle and Shimano Hardlight guides, these rods really stand out from the crowd and when assembled can't be distinguished from a traditional 2-piece design. In use, they are sensational. You'll be impressed by the accuracy they provide when casting close to cover, and with a quick twitch you can spark any lure into action.
Spinning versions range from a Medium Light 2.30m, 5-15g casting weight model, perfect for softbaits and street fishing, up to an Extra Heavy 2.89m, 28-84g casting weight powerhouse for large crankbaits. The Baitcasting models are available in Medium Heavy and Extra X Heavy actions for fishing crankbaits to their maximum effect.
All models come with a high quality protective carry case for easy transport.


Shimano NANO carbon is a technology which is used to build rod blanks which are on average 35% stronger and 15% lighter than a conventional rod blank. The heart of a NANO rod blank is made of a NANO carbon sheet. This sheet has a special weave which allows to use a low amount of resin which is spread into very small (nano) particles throughout the sheet. This creates the lightness, strength and responsiveness in the blank.




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