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#3.0 N / 17G / 10.5CM


The name says it all; this lure is one of a kind and can reach casting distances that most squid anglers have never experienced before. How Savage Gear did that? For starters, the external lead weight traditionally used on this type of lure has been removed and the Super Cast Egi has an internal tungsten weight that works in conjunction with the innovative Spring Cast system. It casts “a mile” and has a hypnotic swimming action as soon as it hits the water with a sharp shock response. This Normal Deep (ND) is ideal when fishing at depths between 3 and 15 meters. The colour pattern is specially designed to elicit squid attacks under all light conditions or moon phases, with added UV technology to make the Super Cast Egi highly visible to squid. With super-sharp Savage Gear custom needles and a knock-knock system that produces an attractive sound with every pull, this unique lure is going to make the difference for you!


- Squid lure
- Length: 10.5cm
- Weight: 17g
- #3 N (Normal)
- Spring Cast system
- Tungsten weight
- Super high quality fabric
- Advanced UV technology
- Savage Gear custom needles
- Knock-knock system




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