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Product Description The Line Thru Seeker is designed for long casting, even in windy conditions – the blade design allows the lure to swim very lively and erratic with the most incredible 360-degree rotation on the spin stop – so that the lure spins away from the centerline – driving the trout crazy – resulting in hard strikes! Each lure is supplied with an ultra sharp Treble hook, several colours soft Beads and clear hard beads, to protect the knot on the spilt/ring hook knot. When the trout is hooked, the lure runs freely up the line and the fish cannot use the weight of the lure to throw the hook. The Photo print colours are made with Sandeel details and superb finish. Linethru design Ultra sharp treble hook and oval split ring 5 Soft beads Glow and neutral colours, 1 glass clear hard bead Lively and erratic action 360-degree rotation on the spin stop. Great results using these for bass in the surf and river mouths too!


24G - WAS £6.99 NOW ONLY £4.99 EACH. 18G & 13G WAS £5.99 NOW ONLY £3.99 EACH.


VAT Included