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The Skip'R is a surface flapper lure which can be either cast or trolled. The angled front makes the lure dive, jump and flip creating loads of disturbance to draw fish up to the surface and then encourage them to strike. Whilst not really a UK style of lure the Skip'R is very effective overseas and with increasing numbers of what were once considered warm water species visiting the UK then this style of fishing may well gain popularity here as well as on destination breaks.

The lure comes fitted with a robust 11/0 VMC 7264 single hook and matching split ring

  • Length 135mm
  • Weight 75gm
  • Surface 'flapper' lure
  • Can be cast or trolled
  • Unique profile that makes the lure dive, jump and flip on the surface
  • Robust construction
  • Designed for targeting blue water species
  • Equipped with a robust VMC 7264 11/0 single hook


SKU: 0006
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