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962H / 9' 6" / 20-80 GRAM

902MH / 9' / 15-60 GRAM

902M / 9' / 5-25 GRAM

802MH  / 8' / 15-50 GRAM

802M / 8' / 5-25 GRAM 

The Redbird lure rod series is one of the best saddles in the Sakura rod range. Its characteristics have been improved, especially in terms of weight and equipment compared to the Ryokan series, which preceded it.

Stainless black rings with curved frame, anti-tangling, and skilful dosage of resin allow to offer 18 very comfortable rods in fishing action. Redbird rods offer everyone the opportunity to equip themselves and fish with equipment designed with the same quality standards as the rest of our range, while having a really competitive price.

The blanks of the Redbird rods are carefully made from IM24T modulus carbon plies which provide very good sensitivity and remarkable robustness without weighing down the blank.

Redbird rods are fitted with anti-tangling SiC rings, with a curved frame, which prevent braid curls during casting and in windy weather. A serious asset at a very good price-quality ratio. This series is equipped with quality components: Anti-tangle rings and ergonomic reel seat. O Rings Fuji tip rings and Sea-Guide body rings.

.     IM24T carbon

  • SiC anti-tangle rings
  • Ergonomic reel seat
  • Ergonomic high density EVA handle
  • Oxford cloth case

Rings: SiC anti-tangling

SiC ceramic, or Silicon Carbide (Silica Carbide), is the second material on the quality scale for the construction of the ceramic ring of the ring.

It is perfectly resistant to the friction of braids and any material used for lines.

The anti-tangle polished steel frame is stainless and offers good resistance to marine corrosion.

Reel Seat: Ergonomic - Shiny red finish

The Redbird spinning lure rods are all equipped with ergonomic reel seats which ensure a good hold of the reel and guarantee a great comfort of use. The grip of the rod is precise and allows you to perform throws and handling without muscle fatigue.

Handle: High Density EVA

Compact and very dense, the EVA foam used on our rods provides comfortable support whatever the weather conditions and perfectly transmits the vibratory messages sent by your lure or by a fish that would be interested in it closely.


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