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Category : Popper
Specifications : 100 mm (24 g) 
Depth range : surface

Over the years, the Pulsion TR 100F – F 135 has established itself as a benchmark surface lure for light and medium-heavy tropical fisheries. The legend is back!

From jacks of the Bijagos to bluefish and liches of Mediterranean Sea,  bass fishing in Britain or Tuna on all our coasts, the Pulsion is always cited as an essential popper. His meteoric success is certainly no stranger to the fact that its designer is none other than Angel PORTEUX, living legend of the sea fishing, born in 1914 and still active in Britain. He often worked with the company SERT.

The particular shape of Pulsion gives it an incomparable swimming. The alliance showers of water and the wave movements make it a formidable weapon.

This new version, customised by SAKURA, adopts a through-frame reinforced stainless steel wire (full wire), more resistant to large predators.


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