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62MM / 6.5GRAM

The  Phoxy Minnow HW 62S . It was designed to bring you even more efficiency in currents thanks to its special design and its perfect balance. A real trap for trout and chub.

Its silhouette strongly laterally compressed, its angular bib and high density give it greater stability in the veins of water where the flow speed is very fast. Thus, even when casting downstream, it will not be ejected from areas to explore.

Offering little resistance to air and water, Phoxy Minnow HW 62S runs with precision and adopt a strong performance at the slightest twitch. Note that the model 62 mm we arranged a system of internal magnetic type mass transfer. When triggering the cast, the cylindrical leaded separates from the magnet and provides incredible power boost that can propel long-distances and with a trajectory of high accuracy. As soon as the lure hits the water, The weighting moves to its point of equilibrium, which ensures excellent behaviour during recovery. The 40 and 50 mm models feature a fixed lead insert, which is well suited to their small size.

Linear, it is also very attractive because its low center of gravity gives it a swimming mixing successfully rolling and wobbling.

Rattles without balls and with a template designed to stick to the better than the most consumed by trout prey, it will become your new favourite lure either in stream or river.



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