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LISA LOCA JIG 7 – 14 – 21 G

Category : Casting jig
Specifications : 49 mm (7 g) – 60 mm (14 g) – 70 mm (21 g)
Depth range : up to 3 m when steady retrieved.


Lisa Loca Jig is a casting jig with an asymmetrical profile whose disorderly swimming is irresistible. Its size is similar the silhouette anchovies and fry briskly feed carnivorous throughout the summer season both in sea and freshwater

Rather intended for freshwater fishing or in search of saltwater predators that are focused on very small prey, Lisa Loca jigs perfectly mimic small fry.
Models 7 and 10 g animate vertical wobbles making them twirl in all directions that will soon trigger a predatory madness. Lisa Loca 14g may also be used with a steady retrieve because it has a bit density and stability to wriggle and oscillate at a higher speed.
The metal jigs have great potential in freshwater and it is still under-exploited technique, some have understood the whole point of this ancient technique (tin fish, horn, etc.)
Discover how to use Lisa Loca …


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