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Category : Casting jig
Specifications : 73 mm (28 g) – 82 mm (40 g) – 94 mm (60 g)
Depth range : up to 4,5 m when steady retrieved.


Lisa Loca Jig is an asymmetric casting jig whose disorderly swimming action is irresistible. His size is similar to the silhouette anchovies and forage fish that feed carnivorous throughout the season and this is the case both in sea and fresh water.

Their high density in this part of the range of jigs Lisa Loca intended for sea fishing or for large depths in fresh water (28 g) to perch and zander.
With a highly original asymmetrical profile, the resulting motion when jigging animations, perfectly simulates the jerky swimming panicked prey attempting to flee a predator. In linear recovery, the head of the jig will stay in the center of recovery while the caudal will oscillate, beating the successively from right to left. To amplify further the illusion, the flanks of Lisa Loca are covered with holographic films particularly bright and attractive
These jigs are fitted with a treble hook ultra sharp and high quality, able to cope with all pelagic fish (tuna, bonito, Spanish mackerel, bass, etc.) you will encounter.


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