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Sakura is further strengthening its range with the Lento jig, a latest generation mini slow jig! Its exclusive, ultra-thin, centrally balanced design makes it an original model that perfectly complements the range. Thanks to its design, it is very quick to put into action and its horizontal casting in willow leaf is very attractive. The lure is literally sucked in, which is why we offer it armed with two simple assists (1 at the head, the other at the tail) which prevent stalling during the fight. These two hooks are decorated with Krystal Flash fibers.


Made from lead/antimony alloy, carefully dosed to give it foolproof solidity and a fairly low specific density, which makes it possible to obtain one of the most beautiful fluttering strokes on the market, the Lento Jig has a very particular silhouette whose center of gravity is located on the ventral edge. Built around a “full wire” stainless steel frame, its design provides very attractive swimming.
Once you have found the depth at which the active fish are held, you simply need to animate them with long “slow jigging” pulls to get the most out of them! In this way, it will be prodigiously effective throughout the duration of its immersion, whether in descent, in animation, or during uninterrupted ascent phases. Its finishes combine holographic films and phosphorescent zones to attract the attention of predators whatever the light conditions.
The Lento Jig is delivered already armed, with two single “assist” hooks and also proves to be a good casting jig, for fishing hunts.


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