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he Exo Pen is a large surface popper lure designed for targeting big fish. The angled face helps to kick up the water creating a trail of bubbles and spray for the fish to home in on. Work it with a medium to fast straight retrieve or walk the dog to try and find which style the fish prefer. Strong construction helps you to land the fish and allows you to keep using the lure take after take. Perfect for tuna, roosters kingfish and the like as well as when big bass are shoaling on the surface.


Sakura Exo Pen 175F

  • Length 175mm
  • Weight 65.5gm
  • Heavy duty popper
  • Angled face to create surface disturbance
  • Robust construction
  • Well balanced
  • Long casting
  • 2 x Owner St56 trebles
  • Strong split rings


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