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Category: Stickbait
Specifications: 95 mm (10 g) - 110 mm (15 g) 
Swimming depth: Surface

The new Dynastick SAKURA surface lure will amaze you with its performance! This stickbait is already shaping up to be your next major asset. Whether it is during casts, during which it reaches phenomenal distances while keeping an ultra-precise trajectory, or when fishing.

From the first turns of the crank, you will appreciate its ease of use and efficiency. The Dynastick is extremely pleasant to operate and responds immediately to the slightest request. The concave shape of the Dynastick's head will move a lot more water than a traditional stickbait which will make it easy to spot.

Very versatile, it will be a great ally whatever the conditions. You will love it!

When it comes to reaching stations at great distances and awakening listless fish, the Dynastick will be the ideal solution to persuade them to finalize their attacks on the surface. Perfectly balanced to get into action quickly thanks to a judiciously positioned tungsten ballast, our stickbait easily performs a very attractive “walking The Dog”.

Highly visible and recognizable thanks to the splashes, sound signals and bubbles it produces, the Dynastick swims very flat, sticks well to water and is very easy to handle. Its versatile size is ideal for all marine or freshwater predators, whether on our coasts or in exotic (Full wire frame). During your travels, it is a good complementary lure of Mister Joe 



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