Well balanced, the Dumbell popper from Sakura launches with ease and behaves perfectly whatever the state of the sea. Easy to use, it pops and splashes like no other popper. From tuna to fierce GT from tropical seas, it is ESSENTIAL!

The Dumbell Popper is a surface lure designed to obtain long distances to throw, popper in power and hold without fail the fish that would have attacked it. Thanks to a perfect aerodynamics and a studied balance, you will be able to launch through the wind and reach most distant hunts.
The hollow of the head of the Dumbbell Popper makes it possible both to provoke short and powerful pops in rough sea and to imitate a fleeing fish in moderately formed sea, by recovering it very quickly by pulls of several meters. Its "pops" release a large body of water: splinters on the surface and "bubbles" effect underwater.
In addition, this tapered popper does not pick up, its holding in the wave is excellent! Made of wood of different species adapted to the size and intended use and reinforced ABS, the Dumbell Pop Sakura is a lure all the more popular for exotic peaches because its value for money is remarkable. It is equipped with tinned and extra-reinforced Owner ST66 hooks.


Weight: 64.4g
Size: 15cm


SKU: 0005
VAT Included