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35MM / 15 GRAM



Category : Casting jig
Specifications : 35 mm (15 g) 
Depth range : surface first but can be jigged


This new Sakura metal lure will surprise more than one just by browsing this page, for sure! Made of machined aluminum and with a very aerodynamic profile, Balatuna is weighted with a brass insert positioned at its end which gives it a great casting ability … worthy of a rifle bullet!


The incredible distances that this lure can reach, hunts bonito and tuna that come to suddenly explode away from the boat. These dimensions perfectly match those of small prey which often feed predators. In these moments, offering them an oversized lure  will be met with refusal. And yet this is what happens very often! Our experience at sea, led to creating the Balatuna to solve the problem … and you will see that we are pretty much succeeded.
Awarded second place in “Best New Products Awards” category lure metal at EFTTEX 2013, this Balatuna requires little technical  skill for profit: just launch and recover as quickly as possible and with that it does the job, namely bubbles form long strings while vibrating slightly. Its concave face, like a popper, and its wide attachment eye are perfectly designed for this. The single hook wearing a bucktail, add extra life. Used in trolling, Balatuna produces the same strings of bubbles a few centimeters below the surface, but goes back and breaks the surface occasionally, unexpectedly, spraying water jets. resembling a foraging fish.
Finally, if you feel like you can also jig vertically Balatuna on specific spots or fish balls marked the sounder.


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