The Azu Minnow 90S is our reference lure when trying to reach distant or difficult spots. Equipped with a sturdy reinforced ABS bill and having a neat finish, it has the silhouette of a jerkbait but combines the density of a metal jig and the swimming ability of a minnow. These characteristics allow it to reach unusually long distances and emits high-quality vibrations . It is the dream of every angler whether fishing from the shore or from a boat! The Azu Minnow 90S can jitter between two waters, which allows a criss-cross inspection of surf zones or rocks that could attract bass, etc. Keeping the rod in an elevated position, punctuated by start and stop phases, allows you to explore several layers of water on the same run when trying to locate the depth where the predators are active. By lowering of the lure, keep your line tight, as this is often when most attacks occur. Comfortable in the surf breaks and the shallows, the Azu Minnow 90S   will be continuously swimming, appropriately adapting to the situation. You will soon discover that this lure,does not need to be recovered at high speeds to showcase its exceptional swimming skills. Slow down, enjoy its splashing waves and be ready to strike, effective on Tuna and other pelargic species


VAT Included