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Rapala X-Rap Haku

14cm, 5.5" 74g, 2-5/8oz - Qty 1

Just when you think every lure innovation has been invented, Rapala go and bring out another masterpiece! The Rapala Haku, true to its name is Finnish for seek. This lure is ready to seek out out those hungry predators and is ready to rumble with the big girls! The Haku is built tough for big fish. Features Rapala’s unique and innovative proprietary 3R System Titanium Release Rig with VMC®, 100 lbs titanium wire and features a solid connector ring, heavy-duty split rings connecting to the 2 Coastal Black treble hooks. When rigged for action, the hooks are positioned just like on a regular glide bait, and the rig rests in the lure’s belly groove, out of the way and protected from weeds and snags. Once the hooks is set, the hook rig releases from the lure body, allowing a direct contact to the fish and letting the fish have no chance to use the lure as leverage shake the razor sharp hooks. This unique design also aides in removing hooks without the body of the lure getting in the way. In addition, the lure will be protected from the teeth of those ferocious predator's such as pike and musky! X-Rap® Haku can be used for different presentations and is super easy to use. Gliding action can be created by either twitching with the rod or by using a stop & go retrieve. Twitching the rod will create a faster turning side-to-side action, while a stop & go retrieve allows for longer gliding action. A fast burn in between the stops mimics escaping baitfish.

The durable rig is built with 100 lbs titanium wire and features a solid connector ring, heavy-duty split rings and premium VMC® Coastal Black round bend trebles.


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