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SIZE 1/0 TO 3/0.....7 HOOKS PER PACK

SIZE 4/0 TO 6/0......5 HOOKS PER PACK

SIZE 7/0 TO 8/0.....3 HOOKS PER PACK

Heavy duty single hooks for use on lures. Single hooks are now popular with many lure anglers as they give as good hook up as well as the traditional treble but are easier and safer to remove from the fish. They also tend to do less damage to the fish which is good when you are fishing catch and release.

The large inline eye allows the hook to sit correctly on the lure encouraging good hook ups. The curved micro sharp point is super sharp and coupled with the neat barb helps to convert takes into landed fish. The hook is made from 2x wire and is forged for extra strength. This makes the bigger patterns suitable for use on large lures and overseas fishing.

  • In-line single hook
  • Suitable as replacement hooks on lures
  • Sits nicely on the lure
  • Good hook up rate
  • Easier to unhook than traditional treble hooks
  • Large round eye
  • 2X wire
  • Forged for extra strength
  • Chemically sharpened 4.3 Micro sharp point
  • Neat barb
  • Nor tempered for 30% increased strength
  • Tinned finish for saltwater protection and added attraction
  • Large sizes ideal for overseas fishing
  • Made in Norway


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