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The WTD 90T AND 12OT are smaller top water “walking the dog” lures. They were  born from a collaboration between Molix and Jack Fin, thanks to the experience achieved from the bigger model of  15 cms (WTD 150T). Even in this case, initially the bait was handcrafted. It was developed industrially respecting the original design and became a summary of quality and advantages of an ABS housing with millimeter tolerances, typical of the realization in series. It has a traditional walking the dog action, but with a new fluidity and a typical action of a pencil bait, which allows many customizations of the retrieval action. Important details, like the scales in relief, are worthy of an artisan and collectible bait.The “full wire” armor made of stainless steel and the SW treble hooks of high quality makes it a reliable and high-performance bait for Mediterranean predators such as bluefish, seabass and other small pelagic fish. It gives good results also in fresh water, with predators such as black bass and asps due to the size of this lure, that perfectly mimics a small forage fish.



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