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Length: 11 cm (4.1/4 in)
Weight: 26 g (1 oz)


It is not easy to mix the best design with the performance of a lure, sometimes captivating lure have a disappointing action or vice versa, we can say that it is a challenge that sees a company engaged on many fronts. With the WTD 110 we have the feeling we have been able to achieve our goal, which was to draw a walking the dog that in addition to a cutting-edge design could cast flawlessly and swim as good. The WTD 110 is built with the care that distinguishes the Molix’ products and the best materials available. Once in the water the bait will remain afloat with a diagonal arrangement and the rear part sunken. The weight balance has been studied carefully to get exactly the action that designers and testers had in mind. In fact slips on the water with the classic zigzag motion distinctive of these baits, adding a wobble that now shows and now hides the flanks, like a confused fish trying to salvage its balance. The transferable weights, not only improve the casting performance but also intensify that wobble and add a low frequency noise that many fishermen appreciate and request.



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