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9.5CM / 9 GRAM

11CM / 14 GRAM 



The PJB , Molix prop bait has been strongly demanded by the top water fishing fans, never tired of the adrenalizing strikes and endless fun that make of this technique one of the most spectacular.

The PJB is a hard bait qualified to perform in multiple missions making the most of its main features:

the tapered shape and hydrodynamics, the internal distribution of weights, a small bib and the tail propeller can trigger different actions all equally good.

Worked slowly and with the tip of the rod up, remains on the surface zigzagging creating mayhem with the propeller, when jerked, plunges with great extravaganza of bubbles and noise to immediately return to the surface as soon as the tension of the line is loosen.

Thefixing on which the rear treble hook is mounted is off set with respect to the propeller to make sure it will not get in the way with the rotation.


Just a note.  These do not cast so well so they are ideal for boat work and close quarters fishing, the amount of disturbance from the propeller is brilliant though. Worth a shot !!!



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