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3500 / 3000

The Mitchell MX9  spinning reel delivers lightweight handling and great durability thanks to quality materials. Mitchell have looked at every component on the reel in an effort to make them as light as possible but without compromising on strength or performance. The lightweight, magnesium body, rotor and sideplate are protected with proprietary 3 step coating to provide corrosion resistance and durability. Its solid titanium main shaft is strong and light. Carbon handle with EVA knob is lighter than comparable Mitchell aluminium handles. This flagship spinning reel sets new standards in Mitchell reel design and thanks to its extremely low weight it will keep you fishing strong all day long!

  • Ultra Lightweight lure reel
  • 10 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings - Corrosion resistant
  • High performance, shielded, and friction reducing bearings
  • Feather light Magnesium Body and Rotor technology
  • CNC Machined aluminium main gear - Precision manufacturing for smoothness and durability
  • Slow Oscillation for excellent line management
  • Skeletonized Spool design for balance and low weight
  • Fully sealed Carbon Drag - self-lubricating, smooth
  • Carbon Handle - Lighter than aluminium
  • Carbon Arbor - Lightweight hybrid carbon and aluminium spool design
  • Titanium Main Shaft - Reduces weight
  • Durable titanium-coated line roller
  • Gear ratio 5.2:1
  • Retrieve 3500 73cm per turn / 3000 69cm per turn
  • Capacity 3500 0.23mm x 165m / 3000 .20mm x 130m
  • Weight 3500 207g / 3000 175g


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