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160 GRAM


A large, heavy offshore shad designed for boat anglers who are fishing in deep water over reefs and wrecks. Made using a softer plastic material to create a supple body that swims in a realistic way. The jig head and hook are separate, this means that the whole of the soft plastic body can move independent of the jig head, creating an enticing and highly effective movement for catching predatory fish. The lure is also weedless, helping to reduce snagging on weed, rocks and structures, the hook point sits in a groove at the top of the plastic body, keeping it away from these hazards.

One of the best ways to fish with this lure is vertical, jigging the lure up and down close to the sea bed is a tactic that has proved deadly for bass, cod and pollack. Not only are these lures excellent in the UK, but anglers who head to destinations like Norway and Iceland will find them particularly effective.


SKU: 0009
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