The Hydra has been designed for those situations where you need a long cast and a lure that skips on the surface with a fast retrieve. Designed primarily for species such as Bluefish, Mahi Mahi, Trevally and other tropical hard fighting fish, but of course there is no reason at all you could not use this in the UK for bass when they are filling up in the autumn.

The long slender body has the hooks set back, this helps when facing sharp toothed fish like Bluefish, Wahoo and Barracudas. The hooks are extra strong SW 1/0 which are manly enough for most intermediate species that you will be targetting on this lure.

Brand Duo
Length 22cm
Lure Depth Surface/Sinking
Lure Weight 58.2g
Hook 2 x SW extra strong 1/0 trebles
Action Surface walking/skipping


SKU: 0016
VAT Included