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Damiki AX Drake 125 F


Swimming depth: 1.0m

Treble hooks: Owner ST-46 # 6

Shoots from the first turn of the handle with a fantastic rolling movement but without ever losing the set-up, creating a luminous effect in the water that inevitably triggers the aggression of the predator.

Equipped with 3 movable steel balls that are positioned in a line during the launch, stabilizing the flight and making it fly to an arrow. During the recovery phase, the balls lock in a central position ensuring perfect swimming.

Additional 2 steel balls are fixed near the head and allow an optimal balance, moreover these also have a rattle effect that intrigues even the most suspicious predators.

The shape of the Damiki AX Drake 125 is particularly aerodynamic and this further increases its ballistic abilities and the possibility of use even in strong winds.

The structure and the paintings are of absolute quality, as well as the components, it mounts in fact anchors Owner ST-46 and rings riveted at very high breaking load.

Deadly for a wide range of species



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