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With a double-zipped front pocket providing secure storage for a range of angling accessories, the Daiwa Roto Rucksack is bright and easily identifiable, making it a safety-first choice for night sessions and sea fishing, without compromising on style.

A single adjustable shoulder strap allows you to easily access the rucksack on the move, and comes with a waist clip to make the journey over those rocky beaches, or along forgotten river banks, as easy and straightforward as possible.  Top and side openings provide convenient, on-the-go access to the inside of the bag, allowing you to change up your clothing on the move, or grab the tackle you need in a hurry.

Bright in more ways than one, the Roto Rucksack from Daiwa’s Sandstorm range is designed to give you intelligent fishing and complete comfort. Coloured to be easily spotted from a distance, yet stylish enough that you won’t feel self-conscious about carrying it, the roto is an ideal luggage option for all your outdoor pursuits, with the water resistance and durability that makes it perfect for all your angling needs.

Order yours online today, or head to your local Angling Direct tackle shop, where you can easily compare a wide range of practical and stylish luggage choices.



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