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Hybrid plug

Length 25cm: diving depth ca. 2.5m, trolled ca. 4.0-5.0m
Weight 125g

The DAIWA Prorex Hybrid Swimbait combines highest quality and fishing success with an optimal price-performance ratio.

This lure delivers an outstanding action, which resembles the swimming movements of a real fish – the lure imitates an injured prey fish due to its slight lateral flanking movements during constant retrieving. The Prorex Hybrid Swimbait is delivered completely rigged and is ready-to-fish instantaneously.

The treble at the back is directly mounted to a stiff 60lbs steel wire to reduce the danger of interfering with the split ring during hard strains, which could cause losses of big fish. The head has been designed in a special way to resist even the toughest strains during fishing for big fish (pike, catfish, zander) – even after frequent strains no water will invade. The head withstands fierce attacks and severe fights with the fish! The Prorex Hybrid Swimbait is suitable from slow to very fast lure presentation (2.5km/h – 5km/h) and maintains a stable lure action even at high speed.

The silent construction (without rattles) is a distinct advantage at highly frequented waters!

The great color diversity enables the proper choice for nearly all types of waters.

When the plastic body has to be replaced due to several pike bites, fitting extra tails are available for a keen price 

Slow floating model


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