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The new DAIWA Hybrid Minnow also combines the advantages of a plug with the benefits of a soft plastic lure. Again, due to the plastic body it produces softer vibrations and movement. Just like the Crank 140, the lure is kept longer in the mouth during the take. The Hybrid Minnow is especially suited for active fishing and it is at its most effective when twitched and jerked. These techniques provoke even ‘dullest‘ predators. The silent construction (without rattles) increases your catch rate especially at highly frequented waters. The Hybrid Minnow enables an easy and fast exchange of the plastic body after many bites. The Hybrid Crank is supplied with one additional tail.


Style: Floating

Weight: 18g

Material: ABS/Soft plastic

Size: 13.5cm

Diving Depth: 1.0m - 2.0m


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