LT 5000D-C

LT 6000 D

Ideal larger lure reel for slightly heavier work, great for shore, boat,  Pike and even Salmon fishing


  • Size: 5000D-C – Gear Ratio: 5.2:1 – Crank: 87cm – Ball Bearings: 5 - Line Capacity: 150m/0.40mm - Weight: 270g – Drag: 12kg
  • Size: 6000D – Gear Ratio: 5.1:1 – Crank: 92cm – Ball Bearings: 5 - Line Capacity: 150m/0.43mm - Weight: 345g – Drag: 12kg
  • Featuring an Air Rotor and an Air Bail system which are crafted from a carbon composite that is both lighter and stronger than conventional designs. The spool design features the Advanced Ballistic System or ABS. This technology utilizes a reversed taper to pay out line in bigger loops reducing outgoing friction and improving casting distance. The oversize spool also holds more line and can exert more pressure on hooked gamefish.
  • Smoothness of operation is assured by 6 ball bearings and a roller bearing. Rarely can you find a model that is modest in price, yet loaded with state of the art technical and design features. This is that model!
  • With a stark, modern appearance, this handsome design is modestly priced with an abundance of design and engineering features. The light yet tough body is constructed from a carbon based composite that is much lighter than conventional materials yet very durable. With a much greater strength to weight ratio, it is lighter and can be handled without fatigue over the long course of a full day’s fishing.
  • This provides airy performance that stands head-and-shoulders above others in its class. Encased in a carbon light material housing, it offers outstanding smoothness thanks to their Air Rotor and Air Bail, which work to provide effortless, and incredibly light performance. Complete with a machined aluminium handle for increased control and comfort, it offers enhanced design that is head-and-shoulders above the competitions.


  • AirBail
  • DS5 Body
  • DS4 Rotor
  • Tough Diggear
  • ABS spool
  • ATD drag
  • Machine cut Aluminium handle
  • Soft touch Handle knob
  • New generation line clip


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£64.99Sale Price
VAT Included