#3 / 15LB   .30MM/7.4KG     20M

#4 / 18LB  .33MM/8.6KG     20M

#5 / 20LB  .37MM/10.6KG   20M

Sufix Invisiline 100% Fluorocarbon Leader 20m

The Sufix Invisline series is a higher quality, pure fluorocarbon leader from Sufix, which is thinner and stronger than most Fluorocarbons out there.
With a very high knot strength and abrasion resistance the Invisiline makes an ideal leader for slow-jigging, game fishing and pike on fly and lures. We do not recommend less than 0.79mm leader for pike and you should always check your leader for damage after each fish, replacing if you find any abrasion. 

  • Crystal clear 100% fluorocarbon leader
  • Virtually invisible in water
  • Incredible shock absorption
  • High tensile/knot strength
  • Superior abrasion resistance


VAT Included