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slow sinking minnow

55 mm (2 1/4 ")

5.5 g (1/5 oz)

super-sharp, corrosion resistant treble hooks 2X, No. 2 # 12

Depth: 80-110 cm (2.6 to 3.6 ft)

The Buginu 55 swims with a slight roll and with a narrow tail wagging that characterizes it. Good casting performance despite its small size, thanks to its specific weight and its aerodynamic shape, it is ideal in situations where it is important to make precision casts .

In streams it is perfectly suited to probe the deeper holes, keeps swimming well even at high speed. In situations it adapts well to probe various depths during the fall and the recovery is extremely versatile, thanks to the particular shape of its pallet. Ideal to stimulate all kinds of predators with small mouth like trout, chub and perch. In marine colors it is effective for catching small predators herd as horse mackerel, leccie star, mackerel and garfish. Particularly useful for solving difficult situations in the search for bass in harbours and estuarys. 



Slow Recovery (Slow retrive): light wobbling

regular Recovery (regular retrive): wobbling & light rolling

fast Recovery (Fast retrive): tight wobbling & light rolling

Recovery "jerk" (Jerking): To stimulate aggression of fish you may want to give the strong acceleration


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