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110MM / 13.7 GRAM

Pride Minnow is ideal for fishing sea bass and other marine predators because it matches well to the size and shape of the preys usually encountered in salt water

Equipped with a small profile lip and with an internal mobile mass transfer, the internal thrust projects it like a missile even against the wind. Moreover, its dimensions and its tapered form which give it this remarkable aerodynamism are very close to those of the favorite prey of the bass: the sandeels.

In action, the Pride Minnow will produce a fluid and fast rolling, which emits strong perceptible vibrations in areas of vivid waters. In steady and continuous action and simply alternating the recovery speed, its signals vary in intensity. They become particularly irresistible for all predators ambushed near rockheads, in current areas, bay outlets and many other spots that are particularly popular with sea bass.

For simplicity use in jerking or linear, the Pride Minnow is the lure bar that perfectly complements the Sakura range, its success on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts should not be delayed!


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