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Fin-Nor Offshore™is for spinning enthusiasts who are looking for a tough ultra-durable reel to take on just about anything. The sealed multi-stacked MegaDrag™ system has 10 carbon fiber and stainless-steel washers to help smoothly control your fight.


  • New Carbon Fiber sealed Offshore MegaDrag™
  •  Heavy Duty, bullet-proof construction
  •  Multi-Stop Anti-Reverse
  •  Changeable right- or left-hand retrieve

8500 size....... 490m / 0.45.....4.4;1.....27.2kg drag

9500 size......700m / 0.45.....4.4;1.....27.2kg drag


Offshore MegaDragHeavy Duty Saltwater Fishing ReelMulti-Stop Anti-ReverseGears constructed of solid stainless steelNew Oscillation systemMulti-layer corrosion resistanceBall bearings: 4+1Gear Ratio 4.4:1Model Series Fin-Nor Offshore ANote: Price is for 1 reel only and can vary depending on the size you wish to purchase. Multiple images for illustration only. Slight variations can occur between model sizes from images.FIN-NOR OFFSHORE REEL BUYER GUIDEBeing an absolute beast of a reel the Fin-Nor offshore A reel series is designed for the heavy saltwater angler. Ideal for those tossing out large baits in the beach gutters for salmon, shark and mulloway, ideal for anglers chasing kings and reds off the rocks and ideal for the offshore boat angler that wishes to target both heavy weight species and bottom reef dwellers. Now the buying decision really comes down to line class and how much capacity you need. All models in the series will suit beach and rock rods around 12ft+ in length and your average 6-7ft heavy boat rod. A 6500 size would also be ok on most 9-10ft rods. Check the specs out above for details on line capacities then make the decision on which size you wish to purchase.BENEFITSThe New Carbon Fibre sealed Offshore MegaDrag provides all the stick you need to mix it up with the likes of Tuna and his bullet-like cousins.The new oscillation system in the Fin-Nor Offshore Reel is brilliant for line management. The flat line lay ensures tangle free, performance casting.The Bullet proof construction makes it the perfect reel for offshore, rock and beach applications, where the elements are determined to destroy your equipmentThe core strength comes from Stainless steel gears. The mesh is smooth yet profoundly strong and incredibly durable.This is a heavy-duty offshore reel with options. It’s designed for the hard angler for hard fishing in the toughest saltwater fishing environments.The Multi-Layer corrosion treatment ensures your Fin-Nor will be able to fight off the eternal hassle of destructive rust.The new model Fin-Nor Offshore Reelfor sale now, gets you mixing it up with the oceans toughest fish. You’ll feel the confidence to turn just about any scaly adversary to the boat, regardless of how angry they are.


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