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TK160: 3/0, 5/0, 7/0, 9/0

TK170: 5/0 1/4 oz, 7/0 3/8 oz, 9/0 1/2 oz   

The Eagle Claw Trokar Magnum Swimbait Weighted hook is the prefect way to add weight to soft plastic swimbaits. It features a screw lock mechanism for the head of your bait that allows for easier rigging and extended life for you soft plastic lures. These hooks can be rigged completely weedless and are a great alternative to jig heads when fishing around grass and heavy cover which. They feature Eagle Claw's signature Lazer Sharp Hook point technology that makes for a razor sharp point that penetrates with deadly efficiency. The unique Trokar forging process makes for a an extremely strong hook that are the choice of tournament anglers everywhere.

Eagle Claw Trokar Mag Swimbait Hook

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