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The ultimate combination of style, simplicity and functionality Our new Hi-T alarms have received a glowing reception from anglers since their launch. The Hi-Ts feature all standard functions you€™d expect in a modern-day bite alarm and much more. Aside from the obvious Tone, Sensitivity and Volume adjustment dials, we€™ve added a dedicated dropback LED and tone which can only be appreciated once used. Most alarms on the market feature only one tone and LED for both forward and backward movements of line. Two bleeps of the same tone could indicate one bleep up and one bleep down, two down or two up; either way, you€™ll have to exit your warm sleeping bag to double check what was most likely a 3am liner. Our dedicated dropback LED and tone confirms the full story for you without having to move! On the rear of the alarm we€™ve added a lighthouse function, allowing you to safely navigate back to your swim by boat during darkness. The roller features a built-in night light that offers a subtle glow when activated. Multiple alert and audio configurations can be selected: • Alarm LED and audio • Alarm LED only (silent) • Alarm audio only (no LED) • Alarm no audio or LED (alert on receiver only) (Note: the receiver volume can be set separately inc. silent) Finally we€™ve also included screw-in snag ears that pack away neatly into the designated slots on the optional protective alarm cover. Alarms and receiver operate via 1 x 9v batteries. Receiver range: 100m


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