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77MM / 21.7G / 1.2-2.4M DIVING DEPTH


The unique, wider belly than upper head width gives instability to the bait, allowing it so swim at all speeds and generate energetic moves. The shad silhouette design has an ultra-low center of gravity, allowing for all kind of use - from slow roll, jigging, trolling and burning it. The Flatt shad is a unique and silent vibration bait, making it perfect for both finesse and power fishing. Also it is perfectly useable for both in fresh and saltwater because of its sharp and strong Fusion 19 hooks and long distance properties. The smaller versions are really irresistible for perch, zander, aspius, pike and even seabass, while the larger versions are also widely known for jigging and casting for catfish and pike.

  • Swims perfectly at all speeds
  • Troll it, jig it, burn it, slow roll it!
  • No internal rattles, allowing finesse and power fishing
  • Long distance casting
  • Fusion 19 hooks


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