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120MM / 19 GRAM

Apia Dover Riva 120F is a shallow diving minnow which is aimed at the sea bass market. It is balanced to dive down to 60cm and then run straight at that depth, Swim depth can be reduced by using a slower retrieve and raising the rod tip. The flat sided design gives it a very stable wobble and roll action mean that it can handle turbulent water and also keeps its action from slow right through to a fast retrieve. The moving weight system gives long accurate casting and ensures a level swim on the retrieve.

It's finish flashes as the wobbling action makes it catch the light helping to imitate a fleeing bait fish.

  • Length 120mm
  • Weight 19gm
  • Floating
  • Swim depth <60cm
  • Level swimming
  • Wobble/rolling action
  • Can be fished with either slow or fast retrieve
  • Flat profile - extra stability
  • Small bib
  • Moving weight system
  • Long casting
  • Fitted 2 x #3 saltwater trebles
  • Made in Japan


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