Length 115mm - Weight 18gm
The Ailed'ore is a long casting shallow running hard bait which is a great lure to use when searching large areas of shallow reef for pockets of feeding fish. The body shape has a slightly deeper profile than many shallow baits and this helps to make the Ailed'ore a good imitation of small pollack, wrasse and other rock species which often seek shelter in shallow weedy bays and reefs.

The lure has a three moving ball bearing casting system which puts all the weight at the tail during the cast. This allows you to make surprisingly long and accurate casts. Once settled on the surface the weights move forward allowing the lure to work correctly. The tiny lip helps to keep the running depth between 10cm and 30cm and a steady retrieve gives an attractive wobbling action. A steady retrieve can often work well but adding some rod movement and short pauses gives the lure the look of a bait fish trying to find shelter and the 'panic' behaviour often tempts a bass to come out of its lair and strike.

Fitted with 2X super sharp trebles.

  • Length 115mm
  • Weight 18gm
  • Swim depth 10 - 30cm
  • Floating
  • Extra-long casting
  • Small lip for shallow diving
  • Realistic finish
  • 3 Ball bearing moving weight system
  • Built in rattle
  • Slow wobbling action
  • 2 x #4 Super sharp saltwater trebles
  • Made in Japan by Megabass ITO Engineering


VAT Included