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11' / 3.35M / 30-100 GRAMS / 1-3OZ


So what, exactly, is an Estuary fishing rod? Well, it’s a bit of a tricky one, its not just a flounder rod, its not a Bass fishing rod, it’s the sort of rod you use when you don’t want to cast a weight heavier than say, 3 or 4 oz’s. Now that doesn’t mean that that is all this rod will do. Far from it. This rod is not just about casting lighter leads and bottom fishing. This rod will also float fish, even cast lures or plugs, in fact versatility is what this rod is all about. From ledgering for Bass to float fishing for mackerel, this rod will do the lot, because the design of this blank is rather unusual. But before you ask, NO, it’s not just a carp rod in disguise! This is the rod that sea anglers should be using anytime they think of using a carp rod.


  • Length 11'
  • Casting 1 – 3oz (30gm - 100gm)
  • Lightweight and sensitive 2 piece carbon blank
  • Fuji BSVOG Guides
  • Duplon hand grips
  • Fixed screw winch reel seat
  • Casting 100yds+


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